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MIT scientists have developed an autonomous boat for transporting people

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can always be counted on when it comes to new technologies, and this time the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) presented us with the development of the idea of \u200b\u200ban autonomous Roboat boat. And where exactly did this idea come from? Of course, it did not come from the air and, as scientists explain, they were asked to create a concept of a fleet of autonomous boats for passenger transport that could prove useful on the narrow city canals of the constitutional Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

This is what a temporary hospital at the National Stadium looks like inside

The temporary hospital will initially accommodate 500 to 1,000 CoVID-19 patients. They will be staying in several fully professionally equipped branches. They were created in the office segment. In the footage, we can see that these are not some field conditions, but a real hospital was built there.

200 days without a CoVID-19 case. This is how Taiwan is handling the pandemic

It cannot be denied that looking at the daily reports from the world about the coronavirus pandemic, you can be quite broken, because the situation in many places is becoming more and more tragic. And you don't have to look long here, because in our country it is also getting more and more difficult and for several days we have been receiving news about the ending of free beds, respirators or doctors who are barely able to cope. Fortunately, however, there are places that have done better and can now give others hope for a better future - just look at Taiwan, which has not had a single case of Covid-19 in 200 days, is the only such country in the world!

A "virgin" meteorite from Michigan can tell us the story of how the solar system was built

Scientists have just informed that the meteorite contains virgin organic compounds that may be a valuable clue on how life was formed on Earth. It was possible to keep them only thanks to the efficient reaction of the "meteorite hunter" Robert Ward, who, two days after the landing of this unique specimen, on January 20, 2018, found its fragment on the frozen Lake Strawberry Lake. He used the NASA weather radar for this purpose, because the meteorite fragments were the size of hail, so it would be difficult to find them simply by combing the area.

The mysterious X-37B mini-shuttles have been hijacked by the Space Forces

These are the X-37B mini-shuttles that have been carrying out secret missions in Earth's orbit for a decade. The takeover by the Space Force of two of these machines means that their tasks will from now on be closely tied to the execution of defense operations from space and providing the ability to respond to enemy threats in space.

Such sky-high taxis from Lilium will drive passengers around Florida

In the spring of 2017, the German company Lilium presented the amazing capabilities of its fully autonomous and electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, which is equipped with wings like a real jet and moves thanks to several dozen engines.

A boat that looks like a zipper flows on the river and connects two cities separated by it

Yasuhiro Suzuki has designed a boat that is remarkable in its shape and looks like a huge zipper. In this way, the artist wanted to pay tribute to the two cities separated by the great Sumida River and connect them in a very spectacular way.

Chinese probe landed on the moon. The rock samples will soon reach Earth

This is the most complicated space mission in the history of the Middle Kingdom and one of the most important for humanity. Later this year, samples of lunar rock will arrive on Earth. It will be the first such mission in the 21st century and the first in 44 years. The Chinese hope to learn more about our planet's natural satellite, which will be very important in future plans to explore this facility, build the first bases there and start the era of space mining.

Elon Musk: Tesla will reach the highest level of autonomy next year

In mid-October, the first Tesla became autonomous. For a start, a revolutionary new feature is available to a limited group of Tesla branded vehicle owners. These are drivers who are in the top positions in the driving safety statistics kept by his company. This is for further testing, but already among ordinary vehicle owners.

The French army is given the green light for bionic trooper modifications

Considering the frequency of recent reports on the French army, it seems that the country is preparing for a major armed conflict. First, we heard about the plans to build a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to replace the flagship Charles de Gaulle, and now we hear about the ethics committee's consent to bionic modification of soldiers. And we're talking about medical therapies, prostheses and implants that improve physical, cognitive, perceptual and psychological capabilities, plus location tracking permission and communication with armed systems and other soldiers.

More Airbus A380s, the largest passenger planes in the world, go to the junkyard

However, it will not end with these few copies. The commercial aviation industry is no longer interested in such large, less ecological and expensive machines. The future is smaller machines with highly efficient propulsion and much longer reach, and with supersonic speeds. Such planes are expected to appear in the sky this year.