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See the smallest boat in the world, it is even thinner than a human hair

Researchers from Leiden University have just presented their work, which is probably the smallest boat in the world. The model, which measures just 30 microns in length, was 3D printed as part of a project to create micro-floats with very complex shapes. To take pictures of it, you had to use a scanning electron microscope, i.e. one used to observe and characterize organic and inorganic materials on a nanometric to micrometric scale.

A boat that looks like a zipper flows on the river and connects two cities separated by it

Yasuhiro Suzuki has designed a boat that is remarkable in its shape and looks like a huge zipper. In this way, the artist wanted to pay tribute to the two cities separated by the great Sumida River and connect them in a very spectacular way.

This is Hyper-Tube, the Korean train of the future that reached 1000 km / h

Meanwhile, an even more interesting project is being implemented by Koreans, of course we are talking about those from the south. Engineers from the Korea Railroad Research Institute (Korail) boasted that their train prototype, called Hyper-Tube, accelerated to a dizzying speed of 1,019 km / h.

Chinese probe landed on the moon. The rock samples will soon reach Earth

This is the most complicated space mission in the history of the Middle Kingdom and one of the most important for humanity. Later this year, samples of lunar rock will arrive on Earth. It will be the first such mission in the 21st century and the first in 44 years. The Chinese hope to learn more about our planet's natural satellite, which will be very important in future plans to explore this facility, build the first bases there and start the era of space mining.

Elon Musk: Tesla will reach the highest level of autonomy next year

In mid-October, the first Tesla became autonomous. For a start, a revolutionary new feature is available to a limited group of Tesla branded vehicle owners. These are drivers who are in the top positions in the driving safety statistics kept by his company. This is for further testing, but already among ordinary vehicle owners.

China is building rocket factories and sea launch pads for space missions

A year ago, the Middle Kingdom was the third in the world to launch a launch rocket from a sea platform. Now that the country has mastered successful launching from the sea, it intends to build a great seaport. At the same time, new rocket factories are being built to be produced locally, eliminating the need to transport them across the country.

The French are building a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Are they getting ready for war?

Of course, such a key exchange will not take place overnight and, according to the French president, the whole process will be completed by 2038. The announcement itself was also not accidental and took place in very specific circumstances, when President Macron visited the French nuclear company, Framatome, in Le Creusot. In his opinion, this is a decision confirming the French willingness to maintain its strategic autonomy, because it should be noted that the current flagship aircraft carrier of the French navy, i.e. the famous Charles de Gaulle, also has a nuclear propulsion.

More Airbus A380s, the largest passenger planes in the world, go to the junkyard

However, it will not end with these few copies. The commercial aviation industry is no longer interested in such large, less ecological and expensive machines. The future is smaller machines with highly efficient propulsion and much longer reach, and with supersonic speeds. Such planes are expected to appear in the sky this year.