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See the smallest boat in the world, it is even thinner than a human hair

Researchers from Leiden University have just presented their work, which is probably the smallest boat in the world. The model, which measures just 30 microns in length, was 3D printed as part of a project to create micro-floats with very complex shapes. To take pictures of it, you had to use a scanning electron microscope, i.e. one used to observe and characterize organic and inorganic materials on a nanometric to micrometric scale.

This is what a temporary hospital at the National Stadium looks like inside

The temporary hospital will initially accommodate 500 to 1,000 CoVID-19 patients. They will be staying in several fully professionally equipped branches. They were created in the office segment. In the footage, we can see that these are not some field conditions, but a real hospital was built there.

The Voxan Wattman, the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, races at 407 km / h

We heard about the first attempt in 2019, when Voxan announced that he was working with former MotoGR rider Max Biaggi. The goal will be to break the speed record of an electric motorcycle. The event was supposed to take place in Bolivia this year, but as you can easily guess, like many others, it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we managed to implement the plan last weekend.

Spectacular images of the surface of Mars taken by NASA rovers

The surface of Mars is a barren desert where dust devils dance from time to time. Every few years, the entire planet is also surrounded by a global dust storm. It can last for many months and cut off the surface from the life-giving sun rays.

A boat that looks like a zipper flows on the river and connects two cities separated by it

Yasuhiro Suzuki has designed a boat that is remarkable in its shape and looks like a huge zipper. In this way, the artist wanted to pay tribute to the two cities separated by the great Sumida River and connect them in a very spectacular way.

China is building rocket factories and sea launch pads for space missions

A year ago, the Middle Kingdom was the third in the world to launch a launch rocket from a sea platform. Now that the country has mastered successful launching from the sea, it intends to build a great seaport. At the same time, new rocket factories are being built to be produced locally, eliminating the need to transport them across the country.