Scarface with Al Pacino the genesis of a more cult remake than the original

“Scarface”, a gangster film by Brian De Palma with Al Pacino, arrives today on Netflix. The opportunity to return to the genesis of this remake of the masterpiece of Howard Hawks, become even more cult than the original.

In December 1983, American spectators discovered Scarface, by Brian De Palma. The film tells the rise and fall of Tony Montana, a small Cuban thug in Florida who became drug lord masterfully interpreted by Al Pacino . Written by Oliver Stone, Scarface is the remake of the film of the same name made in 1932 by Howard Hawks , inspired by the life of Al Capone. His arrival today on is ​​an opportunity to return to the history of this remake now considered a masterpiece, just like its model.

It all starts with Al Pacino. In the early 1980s, after being amazed by the Scarface by Howard Hawks, whom he saw late, the actor contacted his friend the producer Martin Bregman. They begin, with Sidney Lumet, who directed Pacino in Serpico and Un après-midi de chien, to develop the project.

Lumet was the first to suggest transposing the history of Chicago from the 1920s to Miami in the 1980s with Cuban characters. However, the director does not get along with Martin Bregman and the two men do not have the same vision of the film, which they do not want to bring in the same direction. He is therefore excluded from the project: Oliver Stone is recruited to write the screenplay and Brian De Palma, conquered by the pitch, chooses to give up directing Flashdance to join the adventure.

Stone finds Lumet’s idea of ​​modernizing Scarface by placing the plot in Miami brilliant: Tony Camonte therefore becomes Tony Montana and he trades in alcohol trafficking during Prohibition for drug trafficking in the early 80s. At that time, the future director of Platoon struggles himself against a strong addiction to cocaine. After spending a lot of time in Florida to soak up the atmosphere of the place and meet cops and thugs to feed his script, he decided to go into exile in Europe to wean off and finish writing sober.

Filming begins in November 1982 and takes place largely in Los Angeles. Entire streets and city buildings are redeveloped to give the illusion of Florida. Some scenes were still filmed in Miami, including 728 Ocean Drive for the chainsaw scene. The final sequence of the shooting was shot in the studio. Steven Spielberg, visiting the set, also participated in its production.

Despite some problems with the classification commission, the film, set to music by Giorgio Moroder, is finally classified R and released in theaters a little before Christmas 1983. If it is decried by the critics, who find its violence gratuitous, it meets a nice indoor success. Today, De Palma’s Scarface has become even more cult than the original and fully belongs to pop culture and Tony Montana is now an iconic gangster in the history of cinema. Watch movies online free on 123Streams

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