We can dream of going back to the moon. The new US president focuses on the climate The Joe Biden administration makes no secret that its priority is, first and foremost, the fight against climate change. Experts are confident that the United States will severely limit its activities in space.

Donald Trump has announced that humanity will return to the moon by 2024. NASA has worked hard to meet this deadline. Experts believed that it could be done if the budget for the implementation of the Artemis program was kept. The Trump administration wanted to finally make humanity a space civilization. The plans assumed the construction of permanent bases on the Moon, and in the 1930s also on Mars.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has completely different plans. First, the new head of the American Space Agency will appear, and then huge funds will be allocated artsandcinema all programs related to the fight against climate change. Joe Biden wants to spend 1.7 trillion dollars for this purpose during his presidency. According to him, the US has so far invested too little in renewable energy.

Such huge money will burden the budget of the entire country and sooner or later it will result in cuts in the budget for the implementation of the cosmic plans to return to the Moon and the first human trip to Mars. We can also expect a reduction in funding for other space projects, such as the construction of new space telescopes or research missions to planets traversing the solar system.

Experts worry that the reduction in funding for space exploration programs will put China in the lead in this area. If this trend continues for 5 years, the United States may never return to its position as a global leader in the space industry. Hopefully, the Biden administration will continue to support companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin to ensure that Americans are the first to land on the moon in the 21st century and the first to come to Mars as well.

Biden's administration is to present its plans in the near future. It is certain that we will eventually return to the moon, but experts believe that it will not be until the second half of the years. 20. Now, the priority will be Earth sciences and limiting the effects of rapidly advancing global warming. Biden and his people want to revive the economy by co-financing projects related to the development of technologies for obtaining energy from renewable sources.