This is Hyper-Tube, the Korean train of the future that reached 1000 km / h We often write about the Japanese and the Chinese about their efforts to create future super-fast trains, which are to transform travel around countries beyond recognition for the better.

Meanwhile, an even more interesting project is being implemented by Koreans, of course we are talking about those from the south. Engineers from the Korea Railroad Research Institute (Korail) boasted that their train prototype, called Hyper-Tube, accelerated to a dizzying speed of 1,019 km / h.

Work on the project has been ongoing since 2017. Then the prototype of the capsule designed and built in accordance with the Hyperloop technology, i.e. the vacuum super-fast railway of the future, accelerated to over 700 km / h. So there is tremendous progress here that deserves praise. It is currently the fastest capsule of this technology in the world.

Unfortunately, at present the prototypes of the Korean Hyper-Tube are 1:17 scale models of the original capsule. Tests are performed in tubes that have been lowered to a pressure of just 1.013 hPa. The capsules are to be twice as fast as Maglev trains and all about movies times faster than traditional Shinkansen trains.

Korail engineers inform that in 2022 they will start building full-scale capsules, then we will be able to see how quickly the Hyper-Tube lineups are accelerating. Market experts believe that in addition to American companies such as Virgin Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Korail may be the first in Asia to make a commercial version of Hyperloop available in the form of Hyper-Tube.

On the occasion of the topic of the vacuum railway, it is worth mentioning that some time ago the Chinese initiated a project called HyperFlight, behind which there is a supersonic railway. It will offer journeys at speeds of up to 4,000 km / h. The first test track is to be built within 3 years in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and to be built by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.