The Voxan Wattman, the fastest electric motorcycle in the world, races at 407 km / h The French company decided to try their hand at setting a new speed record for an electric motorcycle again and it worked. The Wattman is now the fastest such vehicle in the world.

We heard about the first attempt in 2019, when Voxan announced that he was working with former MotoGR rider Max Biaggi. The goal will be to break the speed record of an electric motorcycle. The event was supposed to take place in Bolivia this year, but as you can easily guess, like many others, it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we managed to implement the plan last weekend.

Biaggi accelerated the electric Wattman to a dizzying speed of 407 km / h. But it is not everything. The average speed in two directions was also achieved at the level of 360 km / h. Voxan engineers, however, intend to raise the speed to 398 km / h.

The Italian broke the speed record of 330 km / h, which was set earlier by Ryuji Tsuruta on the Mobitec EV-02A model. However, there is another record worth taking into account as well, namely 351 km / h, set by the Lightning LS-218 many years ago.

On the occasion of this announcement, Voxan shared with us photos of his specially prepared Wattman motorcycle, which resembles a very futuristic and overclocked cruiser model, but it has much more power, because it is 367 horsepower.

The only question is whether this time it will be possible to break the record, because it requires a lot of preparation, and it is possible that next year will be as unpredictable and crazy as the current one, although we hope that everything will return to normal. It cannot be denied that we will be happy to watch this exciting event, because although we are talking more and more often about electric cars, motorcycles somehow cannot break into the mainstream - do they need their own Tesla?

It is also worth adding that the classic version of the Wattman motorcycle will be available for purchase, although the manufacturer has of course not decided to mass-produce and each one will be finished individually - so if you have a lot of unnecessary cash, you already know what you can invest in, and Cinema Scanner keep our fingers crossed. for trying to break the record next year.