The mysterious X-37B mini-shuttles have been hijacked by the Space Forces The Space Force, a new type of US military that will specialize in solving space problems, has just come into possession of two mysterious vehicles.

These are the X-37B mini-shuttles that have been carrying out secret missions in Earth's orbit for a decade. The takeover by the Space Force of two of these machines means that their tasks will from now on be closely tied to the execution of defense operations from space and providing the ability to respond to enemy threats in space.

The Pentagon has created a special unit that will deal with the missions of these machines. Its name is Delta 9. The unit will have 3 squadrons based in Schriever, Colorado. Recently, there was a recruitment to the Space Force. While the nature of the missions X-37B vehicles are not known, experts believe that these are experiments with new technologies for communication and the construction of new aircraft.

The X-37B mini-shuttles have been performing orbital missions since 2010. The vehicle is 8.9 meters long and has a wingspan of 4.5 meters. The last launch of the vehicle took place on May 17, 2020, when the Altas V rocket was launched into space.

We have recently heard that a brand new secret Space Force vehicle is to be launched into space. According to the Pentagon and SpaceX contract, it is to fly the Falcon Heavy rocket. It is not known what this vehicle is, but unofficially there is talk of a larger shuttle, the X-37C.

The disclosed information shows that SpaceX will have to modify the cargo cover moviesfront this mission, or in fact extend it. But it is not everything. Vertical cargo integration is also involved, which means the company will have to slightly modify the famous LC-39A platform, from where another Dragon-2 manned capsule flight to the space home will take place on November 15.