The French army is given the green light for bionic trooper modifications Did you think that all kinds of implants and body modification are only in video games? Well, the cyberpunk reality is entering the army, or at least the French army.

Considering the frequency of recent reports on the French army, it seems that the country is preparing for a major armed conflict. First, we heard about the plans to build a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to replace the flagship Charles de Gaulle, and now we hear about the ethics committee's consent to bionic modification of soldiers. And we're talking about medical therapies, prostheses and implants that improve physical, cognitive, perceptual and psychological capabilities, plus location tracking permission and communication with armed systems and other soldiers.

As if that were not enough, other possible interventions are also considered, including special therapies to eliminate pain, stress and fatigue, and substances that improve a soldier's mental immunity when captured by hostile forces. All so that "France can maintain the operational superiority of its armed forces in a challenging strategic context, while respecting military principles, human rights and the fundamental values ​​of the community." This means that it will be forbidden to modify soldiers in such a way that would affect their ability to assess the legitimacy of using force or affect their sense of humanity. The use of cognitive implants that would affect the free will of the soldier or cause problems in civilian life is also excluded.

It cannot be denied that it sounds like the army of the future and until recently it was difficult to imagine that such modifications of soldiers would be possible at all, while it is Cyberpunk 2077 in all its glory. It is worth emphasizing, however, RECENT ENTERTAINMENT the French defense minister, Florence Parly, announced that it is more about the possibilities and security for the future, because at the moment there are no invasive modifications, such as implants, in the country's military plans: - We must be clear, not everyone she has the same scruples as we do and we must prepare for such a future, reads her press release.

It is certainly a reference to the last words of the US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe who shared his concerns about China. In his opinion, they pose a threat to American and world democracy, as do their military plans, pointing to evidence suggesting that the Chinese army is already testing bionic soldiers and will stop at nothing in the race for power. In short, the approval of the ethics committee means that the French army has the green light to develop and test the technologies it needs so that it does not fall behind in this arms race if necessary.