Spectacular images of the surface of Mars taken by NASA rovers Today we are taking you on a tour of the Red Planet, thanks to six-wheeled robots exploring this mysterious planet for almost 18 years. And to think that the first people will be there soon and see it all with their own eyes.

The surface of Mars is a barren desert where dust devils dance from time to time. Every few years, the entire planet is also surrounded by a global dust storm. It can last for many months and cut off the surface from the life-giving sun rays.

Despite this fact, the surface of the Red Planet abounds in exceptionally beautiful places that are worth seeing. In the areas studied by rovers, we can see craters, mountain ranges and large dunes. When they are embraced by a dust storm, the small range of visibility creates a specific atmosphere of mystery.

The extreme conditions on the surface of Mars do not encourage life to flourish. The first colonizers will have to deal with many problems on their way to building the first bases there. However, our future is an interplanetary civilization, so sooner or later Mars will be home to many Earthlings as MEDIA JOKER as future Martians.

SpaceX, a company owned by Elon Musk, wants to start the colonization of Mars as early as 2024 with the most powerful means of space transport in history, the Starship SuperHeavy. The first colonizers will be sent there by the end of the 20s of the 21st century. We keep our fingers crossed for the implementation of this amazing plan.