Elon Musk: Tesla will reach the highest level of autonomy next year For several weeks, more and more Tesla vehicles have been able to run in full autonomous mode. For now, these are still tests, but Elon Musk assures that this will change next year.

In mid-October, the first Tesla became autonomous. For a start, a revolutionary new feature is available to a limited group of Tesla branded vehicle owners. These are drivers who are in the top positions in the driving safety statistics kept by his company. This is for further testing, but already among ordinary vehicle owners.

Currently, the company is gradually expanding the group of users who can activate the standalone function. However, the billionaire announced that in a few months Tesla will introduce the highest, tvreview level of autonomy to its vehicles. This will mean that vehicles will be able to travel independently throughout the United States and countries where regulations allow such cars to travel.

Then it will be possible to use vehicles as robotic taxis that will drive city residents when we do not use them. In this way, vehicle owners will be able to earn money on them, which means that the vehicles will not only be cheaper to operate, but also the sales of new vehicles, which will be bought with such opportunities in mind, will increase significantly.

The billionaire speaks cautiously and humbly about autonomous technologies. Although Tesla engineers did everything to make the system as secure as possible, the reality is very complicated and we will not avoid serious events. They are really only a matter of time. After all, AI technologies make fewer mistakes than drivers, so their implementation in the future will save many lives.

Automotive experts believe that by 2030 around 70 percent of new cars will be electrically powered and all will be fully autonomous. It will take humanity 20-30 years to switch from conventional to electric vehicles.