China is building rocket factories and sea launch pads for space missions The Middle Kingdom surprises with new investments related to the space industry. The government has now targeted new rocket factories and offshore launch pads that will allow rockets to be launched more safely into space.

A year ago, the Middle Kingdom was the third in the world to launch a launch rocket from a sea platform. Now that the country has mastered successful launching from the sea, it intends to build a great seaport. At the same time, new rocket factories are being built to be produced locally, eliminating the need to transport them across the country.

The historic moment for the Chinese space industry came on June 5, 2019. The Long March 11 rocket took off from a platform floating in the waters of the Yellow Sea, near the coast of Shantung Province. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) announced that the mission was successful, and during it seven satellites were placed in Earth's orbit.

It should be emphasized here that it was also the first launch of the Long March 11 from the sea. Previously, this rocket had 6 missions, but they were carried out directly from land. China, with its feat, went down in the history of the space industry and was included in the elite group of countries that also have such technologies, namely the USA and Russia.

Representatives of the Chinese Space Agency announced that they intend to build special launch pads for new missions. The first one will be called Eastern Aerospace Port and will be built off the coast of Haiyang city. China also wants to carry out more and more such launches in the near future, because they are not only economically profitable, but also safer for residents.

Many times it happened that the remains of rockets fell on densely populated areas and led to local environmental disasters. Vehicle take-offs closer to the equator allow not only to save money, but the installations can also reach their target orbits faster and start work.

With its investments, China clearly shows its enemies that they hollywoodthinker slowly but effectively developing their technologies that will allow them to become more powerful not only on land and in the air, but also under and on water. These include both new naval launch platforms and the construction of more powerful aircraft carriers.

SpaceX also has plans to build a sea launch pad for rockets. Elon Musk's company wants to carry out regular flights of its most powerful rocket Starship and SuperHeavy away from cities due to the deafening noise that can endanger human health and the shock wave that can damage buildings.