A And we're talking about a unique meteorite that landed in 2018 on a frozen lake in Michigan, previously revealing itself to residents as a ball of fire falling from the sky with a bang.

Scientists have just informed that the meteorite contains virgin organic compounds that may be a valuable clue on how life was formed on Earth. It was possible to keep them only thanks to the efficient reaction of the "meteorite hunter" Robert Ward, who, two days after the landing of this unique specimen, on January 20, 2018, found its fragment on the frozen Lake Strawberry Lake. He used the NASA weather radar for this purpose, because the meteorite fragments were the size of hail, so it would be difficult to find them simply by combing the area.

Then he immediately handed the find over to specialists from the Field Museum in Chicago, which allowed for its containment before it was contaminated. According to its curator, Philipp Heck: - The meteorite is unique because it fell onto a frozen lake and was quickly recovered. He was very virgin. We could see that the minerals hadn't been changed much, and later found that the meteorite contained a large load of extraterrestrial organic compounds. These types of organic compounds most likely came to the early Earth due to meteorites and could be key components of life.

Scientists have determined that it was a rare chondrite meteorite (a stony meteorite composed mainly of olivine and pyroxenes) H4, only 4% of meteorites found on Earth belong to this group. Initial analyzes suggest it contains more than 2,600 discrete organic compounds that remained intact, despite the high temperature acting on them as the meteorite made its way through our atmosphere. In addition, we learned that about 12 million years ago, it probably broke away from its native asteroid, which formed 4.5 billion years earlier!

Many scientists were interested in the find, and they got the opportunity to study it using many different techniques, which is why we have a rich collection of data on this meteorite. And although the specimen is truly unique, as it is as clean as possible after landing on our planet, researchers are looking forward to having such a truly virgin, namely brought from space - it should be successful as early as 2023, when samples collected by Osiris -REx I will return to Epic Movie News