A boat that looks like a zipper flows on the river and connects two cities separated by it Art can delight even the greatest malcontents and give them food for thought. This is the latest project of the famous Japanese artist who connected two cities in a meaningful way.

Yasuhiro Suzuki has designed a boat that is remarkable in its shape and looks like a huge zipper. In this way, the artist wanted to pay tribute to the two cities separated by the great Sumida River and connect them in a very spectacular way.

“The waves following the zipper boat, traveling between the cities of Azumabashi and Sakurabashi, join the opposite shores, while opening the water surface like a real zipper. It changes the way you look at the city landscape, ”wrote Suzuki.

As you can see in the footage prepared by the artist, the boat turns into a real slider while traversing the waters of the Sumida River, and the waves it generates look like a zipper. The artist came up with the idea of ​​building such a boat when he was traveling by helicopter over the river and saw the boats sailing on it.

Sumida is one of the most crowded communication rivers in the country. Due to the pandemic, traffic almost froze there. Suzuki decided to use this fact and prepared an installation that Close To Movies a real gem of the recently organized DESIGNART Tokyo 2020 exhibition. As this year the exhibition could only be viewed online, the artist created a project that was supposed to be mobile.