200 days without a CoVID-19 case. This is how Taiwan is handling the pandemic There has probably not been a day in recent months without information about new cases and deaths, and the last weeks have unfortunately been a downward spiral for most countries affected by the second wave of coronavirus.

It cannot be denied that looking at the daily reports from the world about the coronavirus pandemic, you can be quite broken, because the situation in many places is becoming more and more tragic. And you don't have to look long here, because in our country it is also getting more and more difficult and for several days we have been receiving news about the ending of free beds, respirators or doctors who are barely able to cope. Fortunately, however, there are places that have done better and can now give others hope for a better future - just look at Taiwan, which has not had a single case of Covid-19 in 200 days, is the only such country in the world!

For most of us, the results recorded here will be unbelievable, because most of us are facing a new wave of disease that has hit us with even greater force than the previous one. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, where 23 million people live, the last local case of Covid-19 was recorded ... on April 12. Moreover, the country has only officially recorded 550 cases of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and as TIME magazine suggests, this was achieved through a quick and decisive response:

- Experts say that the rapid closure of borders and strict travel regulations had a good effect in fighting the virus. Other factors include rigorous contact tracing, tech-assisted quarantine, and the widespread wear of masks. Moreover, Taiwan's lethal experiences with SARS scared people into obeying the rules.

- Taiwan is indeed the only major country that has successfully eliminated the social transmission of the coronavirus. This is probably the best result in the world, all the more impressive for an economy with a population roughly the size of Australia that lives close to each other, in apartments rather than homes, adds Peter Collignon, MD, Australian National University School of Medicine. And there is only one small caveat here, as we have already mentioned, Taiwan has not recorded a local disease of Covid-19 for 200 days, because, unfortunately, it did not avoid being dragged. In the last 2 weeks, there have been 20 such cases in people who came from Southeast Asia.