Look forward to the fan favorite comeback NCIS is in demand so at Sat1 in a long time

Look forward to the fan favorite comeback? “NCIS” is in demand so at Sat.1 in a long time

In the German broadcast of the crime long-running “NCIS” had to contend with problems recently. But the latest episode of the 16th season was suddenly more viewers – because of the impending highlight-finals?

In the German TV premiere on Sat.1 “NCIS” has long been removed from previous best values, after all, but the crime series runs already in the 16th season. However, the rates at the beginning of the season went so far in the basement that we even speculate that not soon have to vacate the series its prime-time broadcasting slot at Sat.1.

That has not yet come to a small Odds relaxation – it is now with the current figures and not first. For as the colleagues of DWDL report broadcast the 22nd episode of Season 16 saw yesterday 26 November 2019 for a true-surprise: So many spectators in this country turned on for over a year no longer with “NCIS”.

So many spectators in this country turned on for over a year no longer with “NCIS”.


Especially about the numbers of young audiences Sat.1 can look forward to. From the so-called target demographic of 14- to 49-year 910,000 spectators were present, representing a strong market share of 10.1 percent, Sat.1 here even gave the primetime victory. For the first time ever this season in the Group a two-digit level was reached after itself a slight upward trend became apparent in the previous week SolarMovie.

But the total audience, the recent “NCIS” could be seen values. 2.38 million viewers (7.8 percent market share) has been set here a new record for the current season and rejected the program of the other private channels in their place. The remaining Sat.1 shipments before and after “NCIS” ran (such as the spin-off “NCIS: L.A.”), however, fell off a bit.

Greater interest for speedy figures comeback?

The slowly rising interest in “NCIS” could one stepped out years ago fan favorite have to do with the imminent return, which should be already come in this country one or the other’s ears. Perhaps many a former fan who has since turned his back on the series, characterized yet again curious.

If this is really the reason is the audience the next few weeks will probably show because until the actual appearance of the figure we have to be patient until the season finale, the Sat.1 shows on December 10th of 2019. Whether the station continues to broadcast then directly to the next season and thus quickly dissolves the massive cliffhanger in the final of the 16th season, is not yet known. As this was in the past years but always the case, it is considered very likely.

Elsewhere we have already betrayed by the way, that figure celebrating her comeback at the end of 16. “NCIS” season – more click at your own risk: