Joker Arthur is a system sprinkler without bite

“Joker” Arthur is a system sprinkler without bite!

“Joker” covers topics such as the gap between rich and poor and the exclusion of the mentally ill. But why nothing is stuck with our editor Christian fussy about it, he knows since he has seen “System Sprenger”.

+++ +++ opinion

+++ +++ opinion

Todd Phillips’ “Joker” with the German Academy contribution to compare “system Sprenger” seems admittedly not so far-fetched. After all, it is in the former by a harsh and bloody thriller with comic roots in the style of “Taxi Driver” and the latter to a touching, only selectively cinematically stylized social drama. Nevertheless, the two films have more in common than it seems at first glance seem.

Both in “System Sprenger” and in “Joker” is a figure at the center, which is drawn by childhood trauma and whose life is marked by rejection and loneliness.

However, the big difference is that the social criticism sustainable acting in “System Sprenger” and even long thoughtful right after watching a movie while it comes in “Joker” toothless and fuzzy and really only raises the question of what Todd Phillips now actually with his film wants to say.

So me a “system Sprenger” concept was really aware only after my visit, why exactly the socially critical level “Joker” is how it works at all for me.

Gotham deserves the Joker

Arthur Fleck experienced on its way from battered doormat a symbol of frustrated, oppressed masses a setback after another.

His idol Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) do not live on TV fun of him, he loses his job, he can no longer afford his medication and his social isolation leaves him increasingly drift into his delusions.

As a child he was abused by lovers of his mother and the only prospect of improvement is the billionaire Thomas Wayne, whom he believes to be his son. As he lies in wait for Wayne and confronted with this allegation, but this knocks him down.

“Joker” shouts one formally in the face that the world is bad for Arthur around. Until the dramatic final there is no doubt that the rich elite to Wayne is corrupt and for the underlayer without revolution is no hope in Gotham.

“Joker” shouts one formally in the face that the world is bad for Arthur around.

Figures without grayscale

The killing of drunken Wayne Enterprises employee in the subway that brings the story rolling seems justified by the fact. Arthur kills because he is afflicted, and half the town will celebrate him for a hero. In the context of the film are the Wall Street proles, he shoots, quite simply repulsive man. Grayscale there are none.

Thomas Wayne is then the greatest cartoon of all. The mayoral candidate has apparently beating during its ongoing campaign no qualms about a confused, mentally ill man in a public restroom.

It would have been much more shattering for Arthur and the audience that he had made clear to Arthur for a quiet conversation in Wayne Manor, that it can never be the father for him, which he so desperately wants.

Arthur’s way works by fully enforced. At no time has the feeling that the events could have a different outcome. The conversion to the gunman virtually seem inevitable.

The tragedy of failure

In “System Sprenger” however, there is no real villains, but only people who make mistakes because of their circumstances and their own shortcomings, fears and mental health.

In “System Sprenger” however, there is no real villains

In the center of the action is in “System Sprenger” the nine-year-old Benni (Helena Zengel), which scared away a foster home after another and is considered extremely aggressive and unpredictable. Throughout the film, the social worker Micha (Albrecht Schuch) tries to get through to Benni, while the dedicated youth office employee woman Bafané (Gabriela Maria Schmeide) moves heaven and earth to finally give Benni a real home.

Again, the desire of the main character is by loving parents and break out of the social misery a central element of the story. And here it looks for a moment as if could be for them everything still turn out well.

Towards the end of the film may Benni namely finally live with her birth mother (Lisa Hagmeister), a development that she has longed for throughout the film. This then realized, however, that it has too much fear of Benni and the task to educate them, has not grown. She flees from their responsibilities, once again breaks her daughter’s heart.

Anger that remains

However, the really cruel thing is that the movie demonized anyone and also has no easy answer. Instead Bennis caregivers to show as cold and ruthless, shows “System Sprenger” loving but ultimately helpless people who sacrifice themselves to the nervous breakdown.

The crucial difference in the presentation of the tragedy of abandoned by society down people is that “the system sprinkler” his characters not treated as tools whose actions against the main character and serve only alone to bring about their case.

Instead, we observe three-dimensional characters whose transgressions are tangible and comprehensible and for their failure there is no easy scapegoat movies front.

“Joker” has for its main character is no way out and transplanted them into a merciless world.

“Joker” has for its main character is no way out and transplanted them into a merciless world.

however, “Sprenger system” can Benni absolutely take every possible way and shows how one after the other as a dead end herausstellt.So remains in the end the audience nothing more than hopelessness and helplessness.

however, “Sprenger system” can Benni absolutely take every possible way and shows how one turns out to be a dead end after another.

“Joker” and “System Sprenger” currently running in German cinemas.