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Marvel highlight WandaVision: This series is a fantastic addition to the MCU

Marvel highlight WandaVision: This series is a fantastic addition to the MCU

With WandaVision, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has reached a whole new level. For the first time, it is not a big blockbuster cinema that tells the story of the popular superheroes, but a series with many episodes in appetizers of around 30 minutes in length. At Disney, WandaVision is the start of a slew of MCU series, next with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki

However, many MCU fans may not have noticed how great WandaVision is. The unusual and playful first episodes apparently don't fit into the MCU at all, but far from it! The shrill sitcom parade is just waiting to reveal its secrets and take the viewer into a beautifully tangled story.

From the 4th episode at the latest, WandaVision has become a spectacular jewel that inspires MCU fans with important connections to the films and familiar faces.

After the creative experiment, the MCU connections shine in WandaVision

In the first three episodes, the Marvel series dances back and forth between confusing and funky and funny and entertaining. MCU fans don't get that really smart about the whole thing here.

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Why is this all done in the black and white style of old sitcoms? Are the Avengers characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision trapped in an illusory world? And why is Vision even alive again after his tragic death in Avengers 3: Infinity War?

Questions after questions, to which WandaVision provides more and more answers from the 4th episode on. The series takes up our confusion in a great way and suddenly brings the familiar reality from the MCU back into play alongside the sitcom illusion. The series turns out to be a reunion with familiar faces for fans of the movies.

Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), who we only knew as a little girl from Captain Marvel, suddenly becomes a key figure as an adult. There are also two returnees from Ant-Man and the Wasp and the first two Thor films.

FBI and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and humor guarantor Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), who last supervised Scott Lang's probation at the MCU, is back. And astrophysicist Darcy Lewis, who got a little lost in the Thor universe, is brought back by Kat Dennings with a lot of sympathy and humor.

The role of Monica in particular also means that the MCU characters aren't brought back just for fun. WandaVision builds an important bridge between the franchise's blockbusters and is of great importance to the plot of the upcoming sequels Captain Marvel 2 and Doctor Strange 2!

WandaVision is growing alongside the Easter eggs and connections to the emotional MCU highlight

The Marvel series not only succeeds in combining the wacky sitcom fake world with the well-known MCU. In the second half, WandaVision climbs to an emotional climax, which above all does Wanda Maximoff more justice than ever as a multi-layered personality.

In the MCU blockbusters she is one of the most tragic characters ever, having to deal with the loss of her parents in childhood, the death of her twin brother Pietro / Quicksilver by villain Ultron and the double loss of her lover Vision.

We won't reveal too much at this point, but how touching and creative the series illuminates the various stages of Wanda's trauma and the talent of actress Elizabeth Olsen has not yet been seen in the movies. This alone makes WandaVision a fantastic addition to the MCU that all fans shouldn't miss despite the unusual start of the season.

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More Airbus A380s, the largest passenger planes in the world, go to the junkyard

More Airbus A380s, the largest passenger planes in the world, go to the junkyardIt is the end of an era in global passenger aviation. The next pieces of the world's largest passenger plane from Airbus have just hit the junkyard, where they will be cut into the proverbial razor blades.

However, it will not end with these few copies. The commercial aviation industry is no longer interested in such large, less ecological and expensive machines. The future is smaller machines with highly efficient propulsion and much longer reach, and with supersonic speeds. Such planes are expected to appear in the sky this year.

Coming back to the A380, some time ago, the first few test machines were scrapped at Tarbes Lourdes in France and Teruel Caude in Spain, and now more have joined them. The planes have been flying in the colors of Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa for a decade. They made a lot of money for the carriers. Unfortunately, the largest passenger planes in the world did not interest any of the world's lines, so it was decided to take them apart.

In total, throughout the history of the A380 production, 242 units of this machine were built. At the moment, 224 are in use, but in the following years their number will start to drop significantly in favor of the much more economical A350 and A33neo machines from the manufacturer itself and competitors, e.g. in the form of Boeing. The CoVID-19 pandemic will also contribute to this. Currently, Airbus is in the process of producing more than 40 machines, and two years ago there were orders for more than 300. Half of all machines fly for Emirates, but the carrier has also abandoned their purchases in favor of smaller aircraft.

In films posted on the web, we can see machines at different stages of demolition. The engines, radar shields, and even the doors have already been removed. Similar works were also carried out inside the machines. Their disassembly and recycling of parts is not a problem, as the plane was designed and built of materials that could filmfunbox recycled.

In the coming months, we can expect that they will be dismantled to single screws. Parts obtained from these machines will go as cheaper spare parts to companies that will need them for replacement. Soon, more plays of this majestic flying monster will be delivered to the Tarbes Lourdes and Teruel Caude airport.

The French army is given the green light for bionic trooper modifications

The French army is given the green light for bionic trooper modificationsDid you think that all kinds of implants and body modification are only in video games? Well, the cyberpunk reality is entering the army, or at least the French army.

Considering the frequency of recent reports on the French army, it seems that the country is preparing for a major armed conflict. First, we heard about the plans to build a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to replace the flagship Charles de Gaulle, and now we hear about the ethics committee's consent to bionic modification of soldiers. And we're talking about medical therapies, prostheses and implants that improve physical, cognitive, perceptual and psychological capabilities, plus location tracking permission and communication with armed systems and other soldiers.

As if that were not enough, other possible interventions are also considered, including special therapies to eliminate pain, stress and fatigue, and substances that improve a soldier's mental immunity when captured by hostile forces. All so that "France can maintain the operational superiority of its armed forces in a challenging strategic context, while respecting military principles, human rights and the fundamental values ​​of the community." This means that it will be forbidden to modify soldiers in such a way that would affect their ability to assess the legitimacy of using force or affect their sense of humanity. The use of cognitive implants that would affect the free will of the soldier or cause problems in civilian life is also excluded.

It cannot be denied that it sounds like the army of the future and until recently it was difficult to imagine that such modifications of soldiers would be possible at all, while it is Cyberpunk 2077 in all its glory. It is worth emphasizing, however, RECENT ENTERTAINMENT the French defense minister, Florence Parly, announced that it is more about the possibilities and security for the future, because at the moment there are no invasive modifications, such as implants, in the country's military plans: - We must be clear, not everyone she has the same scruples as we do and we must prepare for such a future, reads her press release.

It is certainly a reference to the last words of the US National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe who shared his concerns about China. In his opinion, they pose a threat to American and world democracy, as do their military plans, pointing to evidence suggesting that the Chinese army is already testing bionic soldiers and will stop at nothing in the race for power. In short, the approval of the ethics committee means that the French army has the green light to develop and test the technologies it needs so that it does not fall behind in this arms race if necessary.

The French are building a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Are they getting ready for war?

The French are building a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Are they getting ready for war?French President Emmanuel Macron has just announced that he plans to replace the famous Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier with a new one, also powered by nuclear energy.

Of course, such a key exchange will not take place overnight and, according to the French president, the whole process will be completed by 2038. The announcement itself was also not accidental and took place in very specific circumstances, when President Macron visited the French nuclear company, Framatome, in Le Creusot. In his opinion, this is a decision confirming the French willingness to maintain its strategic autonomy, because it should be noted that the current flagship aircraft carrier of the French navy, i.e. the famous Charles de Gaulle, also has a nuclear propulsion.

It was the first French nuclear surface ship and the 10th aircraft carrier in the history of this army, and what is more, it is the only non-American aircraft carrier equipped with catapults for taking off fixed-wing aircraft. The construction of the ship began planetwatching July 14, 1989, but the constantly increasing costs resulted in the suspension of work on the carrier in 1990, 1991, 1993 and 1995. Ultimately, the ship entered service on May 18, 2001, and in 2018 a decision was made to replace it with a new one.

According to the French Ministry of Armed Forces, this decision is dictated by practical reasons, because the newer nuclear-powered aircraft carrier will not require refueling during its operation, except for airplanes and can operate for 10 years without refueling. The aircraft carrier does not have a name yet, but we know that it will be built at the Saint-Nazaire shipyard with the Naval Group as the main contractor. When construction is completed, the carrier will have a displacement of 75,000 tons, a length of 300 meters and a speed of 50 km / h. It will carry 2,000 crew members, 30 next-generation SCAF fighters and electromagnetic catapults to take off a wide range of aircraft, including bomber fighters and drones, and will be powered by two 220 MW reactors. Design-wise, the time will come in 2025, when aircraft carrier construction begins and the first sea trials are scheduled for 2036.

China is building rocket factories and sea launch pads for space missions

China is building rocket factories and sea launch pads for space missionsThe Middle Kingdom surprises with new investments related to the space industry. The government has now targeted new rocket factories and offshore launch pads that will allow rockets to be launched more safely into space.

A year ago, the Middle Kingdom was the third in the world to launch a launch rocket from a sea platform. Now that the country has mastered successful launching from the sea, it intends to build a great seaport. At the same time, new rocket factories are being built to be produced locally, eliminating the need to transport them across the country.

The historic moment for the Chinese space industry came on June 5, 2019. The Long March 11 rocket took off from a platform floating in the waters of the Yellow Sea, near the coast of Shantung Province. The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) announced that the mission was successful, and during it seven satellites were placed in Earth's orbit.

It should be emphasized here that it was also the first launch of the Long March 11 from the sea. Previously, this rocket had 6 missions, but they were carried out directly from land. China, with its feat, went down in the history of the space industry and was included in the elite group of countries that also have such technologies, namely the USA and Russia.

Representatives of the Chinese Space Agency announced that they intend to build special launch pads for new missions. The first one will be called Eastern Aerospace Port and will be built off the coast of Haiyang city. China also wants to carry out more and more such launches in the near future, because they are not only economically profitable, but also safer for residents.

Many times it happened that the remains of rockets fell on densely populated areas and led to local environmental disasters. Vehicle take-offs closer to the equator allow not only to save money, but the installations can also reach their target orbits faster and start work.

With its investments, China clearly shows its enemies that they hollywoodthinker slowly but effectively developing their technologies that will allow them to become more powerful not only on land and in the air, but also under and on water. These include both new naval launch platforms and the construction of more powerful aircraft carriers.

SpaceX also has plans to build a sea launch pad for rockets. Elon Musk's company wants to carry out regular flights of its most powerful rocket Starship and SuperHeavy away from cities due to the deafening noise that can endanger human health and the shock wave that can damage buildings.

Elon Musk: Tesla will reach the highest level of autonomy next year

Elon Musk: Tesla will reach the highest level of autonomy next yearFor several weeks, more and more Tesla vehicles have been able to run in full autonomous mode. For now, these are still tests, but Elon Musk assures that this will change next year.

In mid-October, the first Tesla became autonomous. For a start, a revolutionary new feature is available to a limited group of Tesla branded vehicle owners. These are drivers who are in the top positions in the driving safety statistics kept by his company. This is for further testing, but already among ordinary vehicle owners.

Currently, the company is gradually expanding the group of users who can activate the standalone function. However, the billionaire announced that in a few months Tesla will introduce the highest, tvreview level of autonomy to its vehicles. This will mean that vehicles will be able to travel independently throughout the United States and countries where regulations allow such cars to travel.

Then it will be possible to use vehicles as robotic taxis that will drive city residents when we do not use them. In this way, vehicle owners will be able to earn money on them, which means that the vehicles will not only be cheaper to operate, but also the sales of new vehicles, which will be bought with such opportunities in mind, will increase significantly.

The billionaire speaks cautiously and humbly about autonomous technologies. Although Tesla engineers did everything to make the system as secure as possible, the reality is very complicated and we will not avoid serious events. They are really only a matter of time. After all, AI technologies make fewer mistakes than drivers, so their implementation in the future will save many lives.

Automotive experts believe that by 2030 around 70 percent of new cars will be electrically powered and all will be fully autonomous. It will take humanity 20-30 years to switch from conventional to electric vehicles.

Chinese probe landed on the moon. The rock samples will soon reach Earth

Chinese probe landed on the moon. The rock samples will soon reach EarthThe Chinese Space Agency has announced the success of the first stage of its new mission to the Silver Globe, Chang'e-5, which will result in the delivery of lunar rock samples to Earth.

This is the most complicated space mission in the history of the Middle Kingdom and one of the most important for humanity. Later this year, samples of lunar rock will arrive on Earth. It will be the first such mission in the 21st century and the first in 44 years. The Chinese hope to learn more about our planet's natural satellite, which will be very important in future plans to explore this facility, build the first bases there and start the era of space mining.

Chang'e-5 probe landed yesterday on the lunar surface in the region of the Ocean of Storms, a huge lunar sea lying on the western edge of the Earth's side of the object. During the mission, the probe will collect 2 kilograms of rock, then take off from the surface and connect to the orbiter. After 10 days, they will set off on a journey towards our planet. The landing of the capsule with samples in the territory of the Middle Kingdom is to take place between 15 and 16 December this year.

The final stage of the orbiter's entry into the Earth's atmosphere will be quite an interesting event. Once the orbiter is 5,000 kilometers above the surface of our planet, the sample capsule detaches from it. Interestingly, it will not fall to the ground immediately. It will first travel at a sharp angle through part of the atmosphere to a height of 60 kilometers, and then rise to an altitude of 140 kilometers. Then it begins to descend along the parabola. In this way, scientists want to minimize overload and thermal stress on the capsule.

The most complicated Chinese mission began on November 23. The probe and orbiter with a total weight of 8 tons were launched into space from the Wenchang Space Launch Center on Hainan Island using the currently most powerful CZ-5 rocket in the country. Although Chinese missions may be impressive, they lag behind NASA by some 10 years in their endeavors. Americans and Europeans have already obtained samples from the asteroids and studied the comet.

It is likely that when the first Chinese astronauts land on the Moon, Americans will have their first landing on this object in the 21st century and their first landing on Mars. Experts believe that the Middle Kingdom will send a manned mission to the Silver Globe no sooner than at the end of the 1920s, because such undertakings will require a powerful rocket called CZ-9. ARTS WWW is currently working on it, but it will take many more years to complete.

This is Hyper-Tube, the Korean train of the future that reached 1000 km / h

This is Hyper-Tube, the Korean train of the future that reached 1000 km / hWe often write about the Japanese and the Chinese about their efforts to create future super-fast trains, which are to transform travel around countries beyond recognition for the better.

Meanwhile, an even more interesting project is being implemented by Koreans, of course we are talking about those from the south. Engineers from the Korea Railroad Research Institute (Korail) boasted that their train prototype, called Hyper-Tube, accelerated to a dizzying speed of 1,019 km / h.

Work on the project has been ongoing since 2017. Then the prototype of the capsule designed and built in accordance with the Hyperloop technology, i.e. the vacuum super-fast railway of the future, accelerated to over 700 km / h. So there is tremendous progress here that deserves praise. It is currently the fastest capsule of this technology in the world.

Unfortunately, at present the prototypes of the Korean Hyper-Tube are 1:17 scale models of the original capsule. Tests are performed in tubes that have been lowered to a pressure of just 1.013 hPa. The capsules are to be twice as fast as Maglev trains and all about movies times faster than traditional Shinkansen trains.

Korail engineers inform that in 2022 they will start building full-scale capsules, then we will be able to see how quickly the Hyper-Tube lineups are accelerating. Market experts believe that in addition to American companies such as Virgin Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Korail may be the first in Asia to make a commercial version of Hyperloop available in the form of Hyper-Tube.

On the occasion of the topic of the vacuum railway, it is worth mentioning that some time ago the Chinese initiated a project called HyperFlight, behind which there is a supersonic railway. It will offer journeys at speeds of up to 4,000 km / h. The first test track is to be built within 3 years in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and to be built by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.

A boat that looks like a zipper flows on the river and connects two cities separated by it

A boat that looks like a zipper flows on the river and connects two cities separated by itArt can delight even the greatest malcontents and give them food for thought. This is the latest project of the famous Japanese artist who connected two cities in a meaningful way.

Yasuhiro Suzuki has designed a boat that is remarkable in its shape and looks like a huge zipper. In this way, the artist wanted to pay tribute to the two cities separated by the great Sumida River and connect them in a very spectacular way.

“The waves following the zipper boat, traveling between the cities of Azumabashi and Sakurabashi, join the opposite shores, while opening the water surface like a real zipper. It changes the way you look at the city landscape, ”wrote Suzuki.

As you can see in the footage prepared by the artist, the boat turns into a real slider while traversing the waters of the Sumida River, and the waves it generates look like a zipper. The artist came up with the idea of ​​building such a boat when he was traveling by helicopter over the river and saw the boats sailing on it.

Sumida is one of the most crowded communication rivers in the country. Due to the pandemic, traffic almost froze there. Suzuki decided to use this fact and prepared an installation that Close To Movies a real gem of the recently organized DESIGNART Tokyo 2020 exhibition. As this year the exhibition could only be viewed online, the artist created a project that was supposed to be mobile.

We can dream of going back to the moon. The new US president focuses on the climate

We can dream of going back to the moon. The new US president focuses on the climateThe Joe Biden administration makes no secret that its priority is, first and foremost, the fight against climate change. Experts are confident that the United States will severely limit its activities in space.

Donald Trump has announced that humanity will return to the moon by 2024. NASA has worked hard to meet this deadline. Experts believed that it could be done if the budget for the implementation of the Artemis program was kept. The Trump administration wanted to finally make humanity a space civilization. The plans assumed the construction of permanent bases on the Moon, and in the 1930s also on Mars.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has completely different plans. First, the new head of the American Space Agency will appear, and then huge funds will be allocated artsandcinema all programs related to the fight against climate change. Joe Biden wants to spend 1.7 trillion dollars for this purpose during his presidency. According to him, the US has so far invested too little in renewable energy.

Such huge money will burden the budget of the entire country and sooner or later it will result in cuts in the budget for the implementation of the cosmic plans to return to the Moon and the first human trip to Mars. We can also expect a reduction in funding for other space projects, such as the construction of new space telescopes or research missions to planets traversing the solar system.

Experts worry that the reduction in funding for space exploration programs will put China in the lead in this area. If this trend continues for 5 years, the United States may never return to its position as a global leader in the space industry. Hopefully, the Biden administration will continue to support companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin to ensure that Americans are the first to land on the moon in the 21st century and the first to come to Mars as well.

Biden's administration is to present its plans in the near future. It is certain that we will eventually return to the moon, but experts believe that it will not be until the second half of the years. 20. Now, the priority will be Earth sciences and limiting the effects of rapidly advancing global warming. Biden and his people want to revive the economy by co-financing projects related to the development of technologies for obtaining energy from renewable sources.