Real flight scenes in “Top Gun 2”: New pictures from Tom Cruise & Co. as a foretaste of spectacular action

In new scenes of the “Top Gun” sequel we see Tom Cruise and Miles Teller ready to get in. The difference to the first part: The actors are really sitting on the plane in the aerial shots!

1. Tom Cruise as Maverick

Just six months before the theatrical release, Entertainment Weekly has now released a handful of new pictures for ” Top Gun 2: Maverick “, which you can see in the picture gallery above.

At first glance, the scenes are rather inconspicuous, after all we only see some of the actors posing next to their F-18 aircraft. And yet they ultimately stand for what Tony Scott’s ” Top Gun ” from 1986 was missing – namely aerial photographs in which the actors are actually in the air.


The aerial photography in “Top Gun” once posed a great challenge for the cast. Back then, it was actually planned that all actors would actually take a seat in the cockpit – ultimately nothing came of it. Because, as Jerry Bruckheimer recently told us in an interview, the stomachs of the cast simply didn’t do it. Only lead actor  Tom Cruise did the thing. And he was the one who insisted that the other pilot actors did the same in “Top Gun 2”.

And this time, Miles Teller (“Whiplash”) and Co. actually put up with  the rigors to ensure that the sequel provided the most spectacular images possible. The performers do not fly themselves, of course, but after months of training, they sit in the co-pilot’s seat during all stomach-turning maneuvers – and as inexperienced pilots, they also feel forces of up to 5G.

By the way, up to six newly developed IMAX cameras have been installed in the cockpit so that this power and above all the speed also affect the viewer. How the whole thing works in the film can be guessed from the trailer:


Ex-ace pilot Maverick (Cruise) is still active, although now as a flight instructor. Because now it is up to him to train a new generation of pilots around Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Teller) – and to be subordinate to technological progress. Because pilots made of flesh and blood who act by instinct are increasingly being replaced by unmanned drones.

In addition to Cruise and Teller,  Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”),  Ed Harris (“Westworld”) and  Jennifer Connelly (“Alita: Battle Angel”) will also be there – Val Kilmer will also return  as Iceman. The production was done by “Oblivion” director Joseph Kosinski.

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In “Avengers 4: Endgame”: Captain Marvel could have looked different

In “Captain Marvel” we saw the heroine with long hair, when she appeared briefly in “Avengers 4” with a short hairstyle. But it was not clear from the start what look she would have – it could have looked very different…

It doesn’t have to be easy for designers if all their numerous designs for costumes and looks of a character end up in the wastebasket because only one of them – or maybe a handful – is selected for a film.

Andy Park, director of visual development for ” Avengers 4: Endgame ” has now published at least in retrospect the different variants of what Captain Marvel could have looked like in the MCU cracker by Joe and Anthony Russo.

We remember: Had Captain Marvel ( Brie Larson ) in ” Captain Marvel ” for about shoulder-length hair, it was in “Avengers 4” short hair – but that was not clear from the beginning.

Park has now published nine different looks on Instagram, which he designed for Captain Marvel , and writes: “After I designed Captain Marvel’s costume for ‘Avengers: Endgame’, I was asked to also think about something for her hairstyle. I’ve designed more than this, but here are at least a few of my ideas. ”

After all, it has become number one. Park does not reveal why they chose this cut, but it is reasonable to assume that Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel wanted to look as similar as possible to the Marvel comics. And there the short hairstyle is one of their trademarks, even though it has naturally worn different hairstyles over the years.


Maybe one of Andy Park’s styles will make it into the next film with the superhero, because ” Captain Marvel 2 ” is already in the works. It is not yet known who is going to direct it, but with newcomer Megan McDonnell, part of the ” WandaVision ” writing team , there is already a screenwriter on board.

“Captain Marvel” played in the 90s, the sequel will be located in the present. So far, the cinema release has only been given as 2022.

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Huawei has opened the world’s first store operated only by robots

For great welcome 2020, the Chinese company has decided to show how in the near future will look with the most modern electronics stores. Before you shop, where you will not find any human use. Robotized store was opened in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. Instead of the people hired to service all advanced industrial robots, which with proper care from beginning to end will carry out the process of selling the latest products of Huawei. The store is an architectural curiosity. We can speak of a total minimalism, which recently has become increasingly popular in the Middle Kingdom. Selling point is nothing like a cylinder surrounded by bullet-proof glass. Inside, there are three robots.Shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Ordering products is via the big screen. Once we make the final choice, the robot before our eyes is packed electronic equipment and the fee, he goes to a special shelf, from which we can pick it up. Huawei authorities claim that in the future such stores are selling electronic devices. The company wants to build more such robotic selling points. Thanks to them, you can buy products not only in malls, but also on ordinary city streets. They are to be available as such today. They attribute the operation will be low cost, and this is due to the lack of a human crew.

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Here’s the latest picture of Saturn. He made it the Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomers directed the Hubble Space Telescope lens toward Saturn to perform the latest images Lord of the Rings. The effect is simply breathtaking. We can see them on the rings and the famous hexagon.Saturn was immortalized on June 20, with the camera Wide Field Camera 3, a distance of 1.36 billion kilometers. It is worth emphasizing that the planet closest to the Earth this year. In the picture we can see the gas giant colorful, thick belts atmosphere and the famous hexagon, located on the northern pole of the planet. There are also stunning rings.Admittedly, the picture almost no different from those made by the Cassini spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope and yet is very close to our planet. For the latest picture also appears Dione, Enceladus, Tethys, Janus, Epimetheus and Mimas, the moons of Saturn.Interestingly, the vortex recently, for unknown reasons, began to change color from blue to gold. It is not known exactly why this happens, but the most probable hypothesis is that it has to do with the summer solstice, which took place on Saturn in 2017. A few months after taking pictures.

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Here’s the latest and most accurate picture of the mysterious interstellar visitor

Comet 2I / Borisov remains for us one great mystery, despite the fact her careful observation by many teams of astronomers from around the world. Thanks to them we can already see the new, beautiful picture of the object. Last month, the comet closely studied the famous Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers now used for observation of powerful ground-based telescope in Hawaii named Keck. Currently, 2I / Borisov is from the Earth at a distance of 304 million kilometers and by the end of next month will be the closest planet. Astronomers have published an image made by the Keck telescope. We can see the bright core of Comet and her beautiful braid, extending the length of up to 160,000 km. In the image also contains our planet for size comparison. I must admit that it is a large object, the inhabitants of our planet but in the past they could already see the incomparably larger celestial bodies traveling the solar system. Mysterious interstellar visitor, however, makes a powerful impression, and it is due to the fact that it is an object that does not see often. He came to us from an alien planetary system away many light years. The property used to be able to submit to the planet and its life could exist.This vision kindles the imagination of astronomers. That’s why they want to learn about the comet as much as possible. This will be possible in December, and later the 2I / Borisov will succeed in further journey through the depths of the universe. Interestingly, its discoverer, Gienadin Borisov, in early November made another discovery of the mysterious object that came to us from outside the solar system.In studies 2I / Borisov leading the Poles from the Astronomical Observatory of the University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and the Space Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences (SRC PAS). According to the researchers, the orbit of an object indicates that it comes from the Kruger 60. It is located in the constellation Cepheus. It is a system of two red dwarfs, which revolve around a time of approx. 45 years. They are located approx. 13 years light from the Earth, and there may be planets. The object need approx. One million years to get from there to the solar system.